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How to Draw Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer Step by Step Tutorial

In a very short period of time, the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer : Entertainment Arc, became popular ever since the releasing of the anime in winter 2022. His character traits, his beauty and his fighting skills have captured millions of hearts in the blink of an eye. The expectations from this character became extremely high after the Flame Hashira Rengoku Kyojuro’s performance in Mugen Train Arc. And it was no surprise, Tengen Uzui has met each of them precisely. Let’s talk about the sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.

This article contains some major spoilers, if you have not watched the anime yet, you can skip straight to the tutorial.


Tengen is eccentric and flashy, and he always looks for ways to be "flamboyant". He enjoys festivals and is very into flashy clothing. Tengen’s exuberant and flamboyant personality makes him very demanding of others. He treated the Demon Slayers harshly during the Hashira Training Arc, and even insulted them for not having any substance, even though they could barely survive his stamina training. Also, He hates plainness, which is evident when the Hashira expresses his hatred for it. Even though Tengen has a caring side, he hides it behind an extravagant facade and only shows it to those who are very close to him. Before joining Demon Slayer Corps, Uzui Tengen trained as a Shinobi, which led to extreme training, and also caused his siblings to die, except for his younger brother, who just turned cold and heartless. Tengen possesses great skills in explosives and weaponry due to his intensive training as a shinobi. The fact that Uzui Tengen admires Kyojuro Rengoku and compares himself to the other Hashira implies that he has an inferiority complex. According to him, he is not gifted with talent, and he doesn't believe he can match Kyojuro's proficiency. As Tengen reflects on the loss of so many lives over the years, he also expresses regret. Kagaya Ubuyashiki was kind enough to praise Tengen for his hard choice. He also said that Tengen showed a willingness to fight for human life, despite all the contradictions and conflicts he hides behind his confident façade. This made Tengen admire Kagaya. Tengen, a traditional shinobi who values the completion of the mission above all else has now rejected this ideology after witnessing its effects on his family. He now believes that his wives and the Demon Slayers he commands should be more concerned about their lives than his missions. Tengen hated the idea of being like his father or brother who were indifferent to human life and wanted to abandon everything he had been taught.


In his capacity as a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tengen is among the most skilled and powerful swordsmen within the organization. Unlike most Demon Slayers, Tengen uses a dual-wielding swordsmanship style to utilize his Nichirin Cleavers, making use of a nunchuck-like grip. Tengen shows off his extraordinary swordsmanship skills as he faces off against Gyutaro, adapting to the Upper Rank's mantis-like fighting style and going toe-to-toe with him for a prolonged period of time despite the Upper Rank having over a century of combat experience. Tengen also demonstrated the ability to combine his sword wielding expertise with his anti-demon bombs in a way that made him even more dangerous, as well as the ability to wield his Nichirin Cleavers with just one arm. While Tengen is well-known for his traditional slashes and swings, he has also been shown to spin his blade by its chain. This allows him to block blows and attack in retaliation with the blades in constant rapid motion with his blades.

He also invented the Sound Breathing technique on his own. Sound Breathing seemingly combines Tengen's heightened sense of hearing, his Musical Score technique, his Shinobi expertise as well as his dual Nichirin cleavers and his anti-demon bombs.

In Demon Slayer, Uzui Tengen was trained as a Shinobi before joining the Demon Slayer Corps. In addition, Tengen was subject to extreme training, which resulted in the death of all his siblings, except his younger brother, who turned cold and heartless. Tengen is a skilled shinobi, possessing great skills in explosives and weaponry, thanks to his intense shinobi training. He was also extremely pain-tolerant and resistant to poison, which helped him fight Gyutaro’s poison.


You will be delighted to know that Tengen doesn’t die in the battle with Gyutaro. In fact Tengen is one of the very few Hashiras who die far in the future from old age. However, he does retire from the Demon Slayer Crop right after winning the battle against Gyutaro. He gets heavily injured in the fight and he loses one of his arms and his eye.


STEP – 1 : Drawing baselines

The first step of any anime drawing, including Tengen fanart, requires you to draw the basic guidelines, which include a circle, a vertical straight line and four horizontal straight lines.

STEP – 2 : Drawing anime face and body structure

In this step, you’re going to have to draw the lower structure of Tengen’s face and his upper body.

STEP – 3 : Drawing anime eyes and facial features

In this step you’re going to Tengen’s beautiful, sharp and slanted eyes along with his light eyebrows inside the first two horizontal lines. Don’t forget to draw the nose on the vertical line and the mouth on the third horizontal line.

STEP – 4 : Drawing anime hair

This step requires you to draw Tengen’s pulled back slick hair and his head accessory.

STEP – 5 : Drawing lower part of the face and ears

The fifth step requires you to draw the lower part of Tengen’s face which includes the jaws and the chin and the ears on both sides of his face.

STEP – 6 : Drawing anime body

In this step you’re going to have to draw Tengen’s muscular upper body, the veins on his shoulders and his vest.

STEP – 7 : Drawing anime swords

In this step you will have to draw Tengen’s dual Nichirin Katanas on both side of his back and the chain holding the swords together like nunchucks.