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How to Draw Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer Step by Step Tutorial

The lightning fast “yellow boy” from the Kamaboko squad of Demon Slayer, our beloved Zenitsu Agatsuma, is depicted as… a coward. Yes. However, my people, when it comes to one of the most badass fighters in the whole show, we easily find ourselves vouching for Zenitsu. It’s ironic and we’re going to see how. Let’s talk about our next generation Thunder Hashira Zenitsu Agatsuma. This article may contain some spoilers, if you don’t want to see those, just skip to the tutorial.


Zenitsu Agatsuma is a character with one of the most satisfying and weird development in the series as well as in the anime world. He begins his journey as a coward and through his adventures ends up becoming a real hero. Early on in his life Zenitsu takes on a debt in order to give money to a woman he was smitten with. Unfortunately for him, the woman ended up running away with someone else, leaving Zenitsu with a massive debt. But thankfully his debt was paid off by Jigoro Kuwajima. Jigoro being a former hashira who decided to take Zenitsu under his wing and show him the way of the demon slayer. They grew to develop a bond of that of a student and master, however, their relationship resembled of a grandfather and a grandson. And perhaps this is why Zenitsu affectionately refers to Jigoro as ‘gramps’. Now, Zenitsu wasn’t alone in his training. Alongside him was a rather intense looking boy named Kaigaku, who becomes a demon later on and gets insulted by Zenitsu in their fight. Now comes the question of How did Zenitsu’s hair turn yellow? The answer of which derives from the scene where Zenitsu climbs to the top of a large tree refusing to come down and continue his training while unfortunately he gets struck by lightning, turning his hair yellow from the shock. Yes, that happened.


We see Zenitsu’s first appearance as a would-be Demon Slayer in the final selections. It’s remarkable how he survived the demon infested mountains. Sometime after this, Zenitsu was in the middle of a road, begging a woman for her hand in marriage bemoaning to her he could die any time. Tanjiro saw this and managed to break up this dramatic affair. The two end up travelling together to their next mission, stopping at a mansion in the woods. Two children tell the young slayers that a monster took their brother into the house. Tanjiro smells something unfamiliar and Zenitsu hears a tsuzumi drum. The very first time we learn of his unique sense of hearing, considering it is a noise neither the children nor Tanjiro are able to hear. Inside the mansion Tanjiro and Zenitsu get separated as the interior shifts and the children entering after them, leaving Tanjiro with teruko and Zenitsu with Shoichi. From there, a rather afraid Zenitsu and Shoichi manage to navigate the mansion until a demon corners the pair in a room. Being so scared Zenitsu passes out and the demon advance upon them but suddenly a now unconscious Zenitsu quickly dispatched of it, finally providing us a glimpse of Zenitsu’s true power. While asleep Zenitsu was able to use thunder breathing and he used it well enough to behead a demon in a flash.


While Zenitsu denies it, he comes across since the beginning as a talented and skilled Demon Slayer. In Zenitsu's case, his true strength is able to be reached when he is sleeping, since that is when the nerves that restrict him from accessing his true strength disintegrate; therefore, he is sagacious, calm, and precise in combat, which enabled him to decapitate the tongue demon and defeat the son spider demon with ease. In the following arc, Enmu, Lower Rank One, attacked three train carts which he successfully defended with Nezuko. He was able to square off against an awakened Daki with Inosuke's help a few months later, and he eventually managed to blitz her with Thunderclap and Flash : God Speed. Zenitsu demonstrated his strength by progressing to the highest level of Hashira training. Zenitsu’s sword is a standard sized Nichirin Katana with lightning streaks along the entire blade.

Zenitsu has a strong sense of hearing, enabling him to identify danger from the slightest sound. In one of the brothels and even on the Infinity Train, he has demonstrated his superhuman hearing capability by deciphering layers upon layers of sound. His ability to listen to sound is also demonstrated by his perfect pitch despite having no musical background. He was able to reproduce any tune he heard on a Shamisen or Koto once he listened to it once for the first time. Similarly, Zenitsu's extraordinary sense of hearing enables him to combat while he is sleeping, a truly impressive feat especially given that he has no visual aid to assist him in discerning his surroundings while evading attacks from demons. The strong sense of hearing Zenitsu possesses allows him to pick up on sounds that would normally escape his normal awareness, such as a person's thoughts, emotions, or even their personality just by picking up on the sound they make. Further, he is able to distinguish a human from a demon by comparing the sounds they make, which also allows him to determine their strength to some extent since an Upper Rank demon, Daki, has an even more horrible sound than a normal demon.

As a result of Zenitsu's extremely fast speed, he is capable of moving faster than the human eye can detect. The speed of his movements has improved to the point where Upper Rank demons can no longer perceive them. Zenitsu possesses an incredible endurance and stamina. As a result of the poison, he continued to fight even though he was gradually becoming weakened and becoming a spider as the Son Spider Demon fed on him.

And finally, While asleep, Zenitsu can draw on his true strength, allowing him to fight. The fear and nerves he experiences while awake cause him to freeze up so he cannot move. The terror and nerves he feels when his life is at risk causes him to pass out. He can now fight and move with great judgment, precision and skill while asleep since his nerves are no longer holding him back. Zenitsu also uses his hearing to be able to fight unconsciously, as it allows him to detect his surroundings, his enemies, and their attacks.


Tanjiro wouldn’t mind his sister ending up with a good strong guy like Zenitsu who would protect Nezuko even before meeting her, despite how scared he was and the risk he had to undertake in doing so. And then they meet face to face. At first Zenitsu is horrified when Nezuko begins to come out of the box, only to fall in love at first sight when he actually sees her. One of the first things Zenitsu did was to scream at Tanjiro for not letting him know he had a really cute girl on his bacvk the whole time and then goes on to present her some flowers, something we all recognize as a romantic gesture. From the moment Zenitsu sees Nezuko, his feelings are very obvious. There is no doubt that he likes her and wants to marry her. During the Natagumo Mountain mission arc, at first he doesn’t follow Tanjiro and Inosuke up the scary mountain but as soon he remembers Tanjiro has Nezuko, he rushes to catch up, calling Tanjiro an idiot for taking a girl someplace so dangerous. We see how Nezuko is the key for Zenitsu to overcome his character flaws. The story goes on and post timeskip we see that the descendants of the main characters. In the final chapter we find out that Zenitsu and Nezuko do get together and their descendants are called Yoshiteru Agatsuma, a 17 year old boy who looks like Zenitsu with black hair and his older sister, an 18 year old Toko Agatsuma who looks exactly like Nezuko.



As for the first step, you need to draw the basic guidelines which include a circle, a vertical straight line and two horizontal straight lines parallel to each other. These guidelines are going to work as the base of Zenitsu’s face.


In this step, you have to draw Zenitsu’s facial features such as his eyes that are closed, nose, mouth, ears, his chin and jaw, and his upper neck.


As for this step, you have to draw Zenitsu’s eyebrows and hair as shown in the picture.