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How to Draw Hisoka Morow Hunter x Hunter Step by Step Tutorial

When I say we’re going to cover one of the most controversial characters to ever exist in anime world, in this article, I’m most definitely talking about Hunter x Hunter’s most intriguing yet mysterious character, the recurring villain and occasional ally, the Bungee Gum-wielding magician Hisoka Morow. Don’t we just love the good-looking troublemakers with crazy skills who can sweet talk and manipulate others? Well Hisoka ticks all of those boxes and thus becoming Mr Popular in no time. Let’s talk about Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter.


The first time we see him in the anime, is in the Hunter Exam as applicant #44 and someone immediately gets their arms severed just because they accidentally bumped into him. This very incident makes us curious about this particular character. Like, what is up with this craziness? What’s that super cool power? Is he an egotist? However, we know very little about him till this day. Hisoka doesn't speak much about his past, since he cares little about it. At some point after the Kurta massacre, Hisoka joined the Phantom Troupe as a false member. After defeating the previous fourth member, this occurred about two years before the events in Yorknew City. A licensed hunter, international criminal, and Heaven's Arena floormaster with an appreciation for court jester fashion and magic trick aesthetics, Hisoka Morow is the most handsome of them all. Initially introduced as an antagonist, his role in the franchise is constantly changing. He joins the protagonists' antics whenever it suits him. He is unpredictable, cruel and weird… very weird. Hisoka possesses a deceptively simple motivation: to the point of physiological dependence, he strives to find strong opponents to compete against and defeat. The Phantom Troupe is an organized crime organization whose leader he aims to face in combat at some point. We don’t need an introduction to Chrollo Lucifer, now do we? It’s a shame that we haven’t got the chance to watch their fight get animated yet.

Gon and his friends are often allowed to live despite the fact that Hisoka could have easily killed them, because he believes that if they are allowed to grow, they will become more formidable. All other concerns pale in comparison to Hisoka's need to fight the strongest people in the world, regardless of the few positive relationships in his life or his own mortality. It would be logical to assume that a character with only one intrinsic motivation would take whatever action leads to a good fight, but Hisoka manages to be surprisingly complex. Although Hisoka doesn't appear in every arc, he pops up from time to time, leaving the audience to recognize his role rather than knowing it beforehand. He usually shows up unannouncedso the audience must discover his role as they follow the story.


Hisoka's natural category proficiency manifests primarily in Bungee Gum, a Nen ability, but he has also shown to be extremely proficient in controlling the shape of his aura which is a Transmutation skill. Hisoka himself explains that this power has given his aura the properties of rubber and gum, making it sticky and flexible. Hisoka uses it in ways that usually give him the upper hand against any opponent he faces. Bungee Gum allows him to immobilize his opponents and stop projectiles easily.

Hisoka has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. Notorious for his graceful, cruel, and deceitful fighting ability, Hisoka has proven himself to be a deadly opponent. However, his true abilities have never been shown, as he is willing to fight enemies famous for their terrifying power. For instance, he pondered prompting Illumi Zoldyck into having a death match with him, and even craved to confront Ging Freecss and Isaac Netero. Apparently, he doesn’t fight according to any conventional martial art, combining his tremendous physical attributes with razor-sharp poker cards, an unpredictable mind, and an unquenchable thirst for killing. Hisoka has amazing physical strength, ranking third in the Phantom Troupe. Speed is a mainstay of his distinctive fighting style, combined with surgical-like accuracy. He can wipe out a group of professional Hunters single-handedly, and dodge or catch bullet-fast objects with ease. Combined with his Bungee Gum ability, he can disappear out of sight and move at speeds that even experienced fighters are unable to follow.


Hisoka is very tall, which, not going to lie, contributes to his handsomely good looking physique a lot. He stands at 6’2 feet or 187 cm with his well built body.


STEP – 1

As for the first step, you need to draw the basic guidelines which include a circle, a vertical straight line and a horizontal straight line. These guidelines are going to work as the base of Hisoka’s face.

STEP – 2

In this step, you have to draw the outline of Hisoka’s eyes, using your base guidelines.

STEP – 3

This is a continuation of the previous step, where you have to draw the outline of Hisoka’s nose and lips.

STEP – 4

In this step, you’re going to have to draw the rest of Hisoka’s face, his ears are spikey hair that defies gravity.

STEP – 5

This is a relatively complicated step where you have to draw the markings on the face, the irises and the entire upper part of Hisoka’s body with his iconic vest with heart and diamond markings and his arm ornaments.

STEP – 6

This is a simple step where all you have to do is to erase the excess rough guidelines.

STEP – 7

While you have your outlines ready, you may now colour your drawing with basic colours as shown in the picture.

STEP – 8

Use shades where needed to put more depth to your drawing, as shown in the picture.

STEP – 9

This is basically the same as the previous step, where you have to use shades on the hair and clothes.

STEP – 10

This is the final step where you can colour the background which is optional.

At this point, your Hisoka drawing is complete and ready for the world to see. We hope the tutorial was helpful for you. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Hisoka and this tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe and share! See you on the next one.




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