Sword Art Online

How to Draw Kirito from Sword Art Online Step by Step Tutorial

Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito in the various virtual worlds he finds himself in, is the main character of Sword Art Online series. As an isekai anime, Sword Art Online sure has come a long way. In this article we’re gonna talk about Kirito and there’s also a drawing tutorial for you all at the end.


Kirito is one of 10,000 players trapped in the MMORPG known as Sword Art Online. He's recognized as a “Beater” to others for having restricted beta access before the death game started, and is harshly criticized for this unfair advantage. The skilled swordsman has condemned himself to a life of solitude as a result, and is determined to stay alive and reach Floor 100 to clear the game.Though he refuses to join a guild and has made enemies along the way, Kirito also has gained several allies: Asuna, who he briefly partnered with, and Klein, a newbie player he helped train at the start of the game. Unlike the majority of Sword Art Online's players who only look out for themselves, Kirito lends a hand to those in need.

The overall Protagonist of Sword Art Online, Kirito is born as Kazuto Narusaka to Yukito and Aoi Narusaka on October 7, 2008. His parents died in a car accident when he was a toddler, but was promptly adopted by his aunt. From a very young age, Kazuto developed an extraordinary ability with computers in general, and at age 10, he was able to hack into the Japan's National Registry, where he found out about his adoption. After this discovery, he started to distance himself from his family and started to compulsively play MMO-RPG games under the nickname "Kirito" as a mean of escapism.

At 14 years old, he gets to be a beta tester for the first Virtual Reality MMO-RPG ever created: "Sword Art Online". However, when the game is officially launched, he gets trapped inside of it along with the other 9999 players. Knowing how the game works thanks to his experience as an MMO player and beta tester, Kirito vows to survive in SAO no matter what.

However, due to his trust issues, he decides to make it as a solo player, rather than trying to socialize with other gamers. That changes temporarily when he joins a small guild called the Black Cats of the Full Moon, where he seems to manage to feel comfortable enough to start opening out to other people. However, Kirito decides to hide his true strength and his past as a Beta tester out of fear of alienating them, which later on indirectly gets his guild mates killed. Blaming himself for their death, Kirito decides even more strongly to write off relating to other players almost entirely for a long time.


Sword Art Online's franchise has been anchored through the years by Kirito's overwhelming strength, and while it has become sort of an in-joke among fans of the franchise, the newest episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld truly took this to a new limit with Kirito's godly new level of power. Now that he has finally woken up for the first time in the War of Underworld arc following 18 or so episodes of being in a coma, Kirito has returned to the anime with a vengeance much stronger than he has ever been in the series before.

Part of Kirito's revival had him take a distressing trip down memory lane as he relived all of his toughest fights and biggest heart breaks throughout three seasons of virtual world struggles. Interestingly enough in this case, it appears as this walk down memory lane also tapped into all of the power he had accumulated through his virtual world journeys over the years into his reawakened Underworld self. This was first demonstrated by his summoned shield defending Asuna and the others upon his initial awakening, but the newest episode shows off even more of his godly new power by allowing him to use almost game breaking abilities in Underworld such as flight, an ability to heal everyone around him, gathering spirit into his sword, and a complete mastery of Eugeo's former sword as well. It's all too clear that this version of Kirito is the strongest one yet.


STEP – 1 : Drawing baselines

The first step of any anime drawing, including Kirito fanart, requires you to draw the basic guidelines, which include a circle, a vertical straight line and five horizontal straight lines.

STEP – 2 : Drawing anime eyes / Drawing Kirito’s eyes

Start this step by drawing the outline of Kirito’s big bright eyes, along with the eyebrows on the inside of the first two horizontal lines and draw the nose following the vertical line and the mouth on the fourth horizontal line.

STEP – 3 : Drawing Anime Hair / Drawing Kirito’s hair

In this step we are going to learn how to draw anime hair, which is pretty easy if you follow the picture. Draw Kirito’s straight unruly hair that covers his forehead and reaches down to his mid-face.