Boruto : Naruto Next Generations

How to draw Naruto Baryon Mode

What is Naruto Baryon Mode? Naruto baryon mode explained.

Naruto's baryon mode consumes naruto's and kurama's chakra and forms a new mode that is powerful enough to defeat Ishiki. The coloring of his clothes turns slightly darker orange, and he gains a chakra cape with black swirls in the middle of his chest, his hair gets spiker too.

In what episode does naruto use baryon mode?

Naruto uses baryon mode in episode 216 of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In this episode, we get to see the most amazing fight which is Naruto vs Isshiki.

How to draw naruto baryon mode step by step?

Step 1:- Draw a circle and guidelines.

Let us start the very 1st step to draw baryon mode naruto. Draw a circle with one verticle and 4 horizontal lines. It will help you to locate naruto's face.

Step 2:- How to drawn naruto's eyes?

In this step, We will draw the naruto baryon mode mask and his eyes. As you can see in the below picture at the top two lines you have to locate naruto's eyes.

Step 3:- How to draw naruto's face?

We have to draw baryon mode naruto's ears with face curve shape line beneath the circle.

Step 4:- Draw naruto's nose and mouth.

In this step, start drawing naruto's nose and mouth located at below two guidelines as you can see in the below picture. Also, draw lines on naruto's cheek.

Step 5:- Draw Clothes and hair.

Draw his back hair and neck clothes.

Step 6:- Draw Clothes.

Step 7:- Remove Guidelines.

It's time to remove rough guidelines and start drawing outlines.

Step 8:- How to colour naruto mode baryon?

In this step, You have to give colours to naruto. As you can see in below picture colour his clothes, skin, and eyes.

Step 9:- Shading, Shadows.