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How to Draw Eren Jeager From Attack on Titan Season 4 Step by Step Tutorial

We can all agree that Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Jaeger is one of the most controversial characters ever created. Eren was nominated for both the Best Protagonist AND the Best antagonist at the same time in the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, which speaks volumes about how complex of a character Isayama’s iconic character Eren is. Let’s talk about Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan. Also, this article will contain major spoilers, so if you have not watched the final season or read the manga, you can skip straight to the drawing tutorial.


The Final Season of Attack on Titan has made a turn that none of us have ever predicted. A bold move, that made us question whether the protagonist himself is a hero or a villain, if the boy who sought freedom by fixing the world, is actually on a suicide mission of ending the world. His idea is to prevail justice, however, his way of achieving it, is definitely villainous. The Battle of Shiganshina District episode was the most brutal and destructive ever. Aside from Marleyan officials, Eren also killed ambassadors of other nations and a majority of the audience, including women and children. Even more are going to die during The Rumbling. So it is valid to say Eren Jaeger, however complicated, is not a hero.


For those wondering if Eren Jaeger dies in Attack on Titan, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, the anime’s main character doesn’t perish from Gabi’s blast. Although severing his head from his spine should kill him, Zeke and Eren can use the power of Founding Titan. That means they can alter Eldian bodies, enabling him to heal from an otherwise fatal injury.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean Eren survives the entirety of Attack on Titan — and if the anime is following Hajime Isayama’s manga series, he won’t make it until the very end. In the manga, Mikasa kills him in order to stop the Rumbling. It’s a tragic conclusion for both characters, but it does bring about the end of the Titans.


It was expected that Eren and Mikasa would get together when the manga ended, but that isn't how the anime ends up. The story ends tragically for them, although they do share a kiss before the series is over. Isayama concludes his manga with Mikasa killing Eren so that the Rumbling can be stopped. Mikasa had to make a heartbreaking decision, but she chooses to save humanity over the boy she loves. She ends Ymir's curse and ends the Titans' era. The grief she carries afterward is not diminished by that. As these events are unfolding, Isayama does confirm that Eren and Mikasa love one another. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to secure them a happy ending. And they don’t seem any more likely to get one in the anime.


STEP – 1 : Drawing baselines

The first step of drawing cute anime boys, such as Eren Jaeger himself, requires you to simply draw a circle.

STEP – 2 : Drawing baselines II

In this step of anime drawing, you’re going to have to draw one vertical line and three horizontal lines parallel to each other, on the circle that you have drawn in the previous step, which will help you place the facial features. Initially this is the first step of how to draw an animated face.

STEP – 3 : Drawing the lower part of the face

In the third step you are required to draw the lower part of the face of Eren, which is basically the jaws and the chin, on the underside of the circular baseline.

STEP – 4 : Drawing Eren’s eyes and ears/ How to draw anime eyes

When it comes to anime art, the most frequently asked question is how to draw anime eyes. While drawing anime eyes isn’t a matter of joke, Eren’s eyes is one of the most special ones. Start by drawing the outline of Eren’s big beautiful emerald eyes along with the eyebrows on the inside of the first two horizontal lines and the ears on each of the circle.

STEP – 5 : Drawing Eren’s facial features

In this step, you’re going to have to draw Eren’s nose on the vertical line and his lips on the circle, right above the chin. 

STEP – 6 : Drawing Eren’s neck

This step requires you to draw Eren’s neck, as shown in the picture.

STEP – 7 : Drawing Eren’s hair/ How to draw anime hair

Here comes the most fun part of anime art, which is drawing the hair. In Eren’s case, his hair is longish which is slicked and tied back in a half bun. Draw some strands messily falling over his forehead and the loose ends reaching his neck. 

STEP – 8 : Drawing Eren’s upper body / How to draw an anime body

This step requires you to draw Eren’s upper body which is basically covered in his clothes, as shown in the picture.

STEP – 9 : Drawing baselines III

In this step, you’re going to have to draw the guidelines for Eren’s right hand, as shown in the picture.