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How to Draw Mikasa Ackerman

                                                 STEP - 1

The very first thing you need to do, is to draw a circle which will work as the basic shape for the face. The size of the circle can totally depend on your own preference, based on how big or small you want the face to look.

                                                   STEP - 2

For the next step, you need to place some straight lines on the circle, to use them as basic guidelines to locate the facial features (i.e eyes, ears, nose & mouth) properly.

                                                        STEP - 3 

For the third step, draw the lower part of her face which will be the chin area. You have to make sure it is proportionate with the upper part of the face.

                                                       STEP - 4

This step is a tiny bit complicated & the most important one. Using the guidelines that you have already drawn, draw the eyes. Make sure the distance between them is proper & equal from the straight line in the middle. 

                                                         STEP - 5

Following the previous step, draw the nose & the mouth, using the lines as your guide.

                                                   STEP - 6

For this step, you only need to draw her lower chin & neck.

                                                        STEP - 7

In this step, draw her hair which comes with bangs & the hair length reaches her chin.

                                                        STEP - 8

Draw her shoulders & uniform for this step. The uniform has multiple layers with some details (i.e badges, buttons). The outline of your drawing is basically complete by the end of this step.

                                                    STEP - 9