Jujutsu Kaisen

How to draw Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen Step by Step Tutorial

Can we all agree that we have a thing for strong and good-looking older sidekicks, especially the ones with some sort of visual prowess and wicked sense of humour? Because Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen is considered to be the coolest character at the moment for no other reason than those mentioned boxes that he ticks. Let’s talk about the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer Gojo Satoru.


The balance of power has shifted since Satoru Gojo was born in 1989 and a bounty has been placed on his head. After his birth, bounty hunters began to hunt him down. He’s the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world, In fact, he has even rivaled and surpassed Sukuna the King of Curses in terms of strength. Satoru, like most sorcerers, sought to protect the world from the Cursed Spirits that plagued it; however, Gojo considered the Jujutsu Sorcerers' structure to be flawed, and as such in order to improve it, he became a teacher at Jujutsu High in order to train new generations of sorcerers. During his student days, Satoru was incredibly confident in his abilities and reputation as a powerful sorcerer, gullible in his assessment of others, often only considering their strength, and rather apathetic towards anyone he considers weak. The next thing he did, after mastering the reverse cursed technique in his following battle against Toji Fushiguro, was to be very arrogant, convinced that he was the strongest in the world, which he is. He claimed "everywhere in Heaven and earth, only he is honorable." As he fights in the heat of battle, Satoru occasionally falls into a frenzied fighting state, spurred by his uncompromising determination for victory and strong evidence that he is the strongest. In his combative style, he is aggressively domineering and displays his mastery of techniques while attacking his opponents.

However, Satoru is far more human than he appears at first glance, despite his haughtiness and strength. Satoru managed to build genuine friendships with Shouko and Suguru Geto despite his arrogance and god complex. Despite his disapproval of Suguru's moral compass, he remained best friends with Suguru. The first time in his life, he developed compassion for and protection of "weak people" because of Riko Amanai. Even with his previous arrgoance and conceit temporarily clouding his feelings of grief and empathy over Riko's death, after defeating Toji, Satoru quickly felt once more the sadness and regret he felt over failing to save her as he retrieved Riko's corpse with a sorrowful look, uncharacteristically being somber through the entire time and he was emotionally distraught to where he showed none of his previous haughty demeanor when he contemplated killing the Star Religious members that were laughing over Riko's death, simply stating that their laughter disgusted him.

At the end of the day, Satoru's experience with Riko made a significant impact on him, but in a completely different way than how they affected Suguru. Unlike Suguru, whose moral compass turned him toward darkness after watching the Star Globe ruthlessly mock Riko's corpse, seeing Riko's selflessness and compassion allowed Satoru to abandon his old ways of arrogantly thinking he was above having to protect the vulnerable, realizing that his power makes him responsible to maintain the balance of the world by protecting those who cannot defend themselves.


As the strongest jujutsu sorcerer within the jujutsu society, Satoru Gojo earned this alias due to the abundance of cursed energy he possesses. In contrast to most sorcerers, Gojo can utilize a Domain Expansion multiple times per day while most people can only utilize it once. Besides being one of the few sorcerers who can heal themselves using a Reverse Cursed Technique, Gojo perfected this skill on his deathbed after his first fight with Toji Fushiguro. Through this technique, he can not only heal himself, but also make the positive energy flow into the Infinity, which gives him access to Red and Hollow Purple attacks.

From a bare-bones level, ‘Limitless’ is an innate technique derived from the Gojo family, which provides its users with absolute control over space through cursed energy manipulation at an atomic level, in turn leading to numerous subsequent results and abilities within the overall capability. From Space manipulation as just the base level of Limitless, it further progresses into 3 standard forms and 1 non-standard form. As the neutral form of the Limitless, the Infinity is commonly called the capability of stopping, although this is incorrect because the true power of the Infinity is to slow things down. When something attempts to hit Satoru, the object will instead strike the infinity between him and them.

The idea of infinity likewise factors into his signature Cursed Techniques. Against Jogo, he deploys an attack he calls Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, and later, in Episode 20, Gojo uses an ability called Hollow Technique: Purple. These both rely on the manipulation of the concept of infinity to manifest huge blasts of energy. Given that getting into the mathematical weeds of how infinity can create large balls of power is likely a fruitless task. Understanding Gojo's technique implicitly requires the viewer to suspend some disbelief. Nevertheless, access to infinity is the general basis for Gojo's immense power.

Gojo has also the power of Six Eyes or the Rokugan. Those beautiful sky blue eyes are not just for show, my people. Rokugan, or Six Eyes, describes a rare ocular jujutsu passed down by the Gojo family which provides the user with exceptional abilities, most notably enhanced perception and the ability to use the Limitless Cursed Technique to its fullest potential, but despite the ability being inherited, Gojo remains the only sorcerer to be born with both the Six Eyes and the Limitless Cursed Technique within the manga's timeline, making him invincible.


Because of the powers of both Six Eyes or Rokugan and Limitless, using his eyes at all times, would tire him out too quickly. His eyes just work too well. The power of Six Eyes shows cursed energy in way too much detail. Even with his eyes covered, he can see everything very clearly. He can even see like high-resolution thermography when wearing a blindfold and he can recognize things that don't have cursed energy, such as buildings, through the residue and the flow of the cursed energy. Gojo only takes off the blindfold when he wants to use Domain Expansion that can trap someone inside the wielder's Innate Domain. In this space, their attacks can't be avoided, pretty much assuring they win whatever fight. 


The beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen is set in 2018, which makes Gojo, being born on December 7 in 1989, 28 years old in the current timeline. This applies to both the anime and manga’s current events.


STEP – 1 : Drawing baselines

The first step requires you to simply draw a circle.

STEP – 2 : Drawing baselines II

In this step you’re going to have to draw one vertical line and three horizontal lines parallel to each other, on the circle that you have drawn in the previous step, which will help you place the facial features. 

STEP – 3 : Drawing the lower part of the face

In the third step you are required to draw the lower part of the face of Gojo which is basically the jaws, on the underside of the circular baseline. Do be mindful of leaving out the chin part because it is going to be covered by his clothes.

STEP – 4 : Drawing Gojo’s body and clothes

This is a rather complicated step where you have to draw the neck and upper part of Gojo’s clothes on his body, which is the Jujutsu Tech uniform and comes right up to his chin, covering it up. Follow the picture while drawing it.

STEP – 5 : Drawing Gojo’s blindfold and facial features

In this step you’re going to have to draw the ears on each side of the face and the blindfold which Gojo wears to tone down his visual prowess.

STEP – 6 : Drawing Gojo’s mouth

All you have to do is to draw the nose and the lips and which is in a simple smiling position, right on the end of circular baseline.

STEP – 7 : Drawing Gojo’s hair

In this step, you will have to draw Gojo’s iconic white hair which is short and spikey and defies gravity whenever he wears the blindfold. Follow the picture when drawing it.