How to Draw Obito Uchiha from Naruto Step by Step Tutorial

You know the plot is fire when in a story you cannot address the villains as villains. Over the years, Naruto Verse has proven so a hundred times. What makes Naruto villains different from the villains of other anime, is the fact that Naruto villains are only broken heroes, just the product of the system and Obito Uchiha is not an exception. The journey from being a boy so full of life to a vicious criminal, swells our hearts with sadness from the beginning till the end. None of us could disagree that Obito deserved the world in a silver platter and got an unfairly tragic end instead. Let’s talk about Obito Uchiha.


Obito was a member of Minato's team with Kakashi and Rin when he was a child. We do not know about his parents, he lived with his grandmother and had a giant crush on Rin while with Kakashi he had some relentless rivalry going on. He was the black sheep of the Uchiha clan with a reputation for being perpetually late and untalented. However, he was good, kind, passionate and very persistent. Everyone loved him, he was such a ray of sunshine. While everything was going good and he finally started getting along with Kakashi, a life changing tragedy took place in a mission. Obito was hit by a landslide while saving Kakashi, and had Rin remove his left Sharingan to give to Kakashi as a goodbye gift, who had lost an eye protecting him earlier. He was thought to be dead after this.

But he survived; Obito was rescued by an elderly Madara Uchiha, who replaced the damaged half of his body with tissue from the living statue of Hashirama. Obito initially refused to aid Madara in his Infinite Tsukoyomi plan, but after witnessing Rin’s death he returned and received his training. After Madara's death, Obito cast aside his name and took up Madara's as an alias, meeting with Nagato - who had been given Madara's Rinnegan eyes - and proposing an alliance, thus establishing the second iteration of the Akatsuki. He took control of the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, and personally recruited Kisame from the Hidden Mist into the Akatsuki. Twelve years before the start of the series, he attacked Konoha and unleashed the Nine-Tailed Fox from its jinchuuriki, Kushina Uzumaki, indirectly causing her death and that of her husband Minato Namikaze. Eight years later he recruited Itachi Uchiha into the Akatsuki and assisted him in slaughtering the Uchiha clan, and at some point, met with Danzo.

Taking on the moniker ‘Tobi’, he was introduced as Zetsu's underling and a replacement partner for Deidara after Sasori's death. Tobi presented himself as a comic relief, being constantly beaten up by Deidara, but possessed intangibility and constantly wore an orange, spiral patterned mask that hid his true identity. He was seemingly killed when Deidara committed suicide, but returned claiming to be Madara Uchiha. Tobi subsequently dropped the goofy facade and revealed Itachi's true motives to Sasuke, further driving him down the path of revenge. He enlisted Taka as Akatsuki associates, and revealed the existence of the Sage of the Six Paths to Naruto before declaring war on the entire Ninja World. To this end, he reluctantly allied himself with Kabuto, killed Konan in a fight, stole the Rinnegan, revived the Jinchuuriki to serve as his Six Paths of Pain, and unleashed his army of White Zetsu, all in the name of resurrecting the Ten Tailed Beast in order to become its Jinchuuriki and take over the world by hypnotizing everyone. He got into a fight that was initially just against Naruto and Bee, but eventually expanded to the entire Shinobi Alliance, while backed up by the reanimated Madara and an incomplete Ten-Tails. Eventually Obito became its Jinchuuriki but was defeated by the entire alliance and forced to see the error of his ways by Naruto, deciding to sacrifice himself to revive those killed in the war. Madara, seeing his chance, forced Obito to instead fully resurrect him and took the Ten-Tails for himself.

The fight escalated to a whole new level when Obito and Madara actually succeeded in the Infinite Tsukuyomi but were forced by Black Zetsu to transform into the more dangerous progenitor of chakra, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Naruto's new abilities allowed him to revive Obito, if only temporarily. With his former attempt to atone now impossible, he devoted himself to doing what he could to help against Kaguya. Thanks to Obito's efforts, Team 7 was able to stay together and alive against Kaguya's techniques, but ultimately Obito was forced to give up his life to save his redeemer, Naruto. His spirit then briefly returned to inhabit Kakashi's body and proved instrumental in finally taking down the goddess. After a final farewell between the two friends, Obito at last moved on to the afterlife to be with his long-lost love, Rin.


Despite his modest ability as a genin, Obito was determined to improve himself and trained for several months at a time to eventually become a chūnin. In Madara's eyes, Obito displayed great potential, and his hopes proved correct, as under his tutelage, Obito's skills improved dramatically as a late bloomer, with others asking if he were Madara. He was able to perform several chakra-taxing techniques without noticing any signs of exhaustion due to the White Zetsu matter equipped to his body. While in his last fight with Kakashi, Obito proved his taijutsu skills by fighting on par with him. His physical strength and speed enabled him to lift Konan by the throat with one hand while severely injured and keep up with Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Due to the severe damage sustained by Obito's right side during the mission in Kusagakure, and the loss of his right arm, Madara instructed Obito to wear a substance that was made of White Zetsu so that he could enhance his chakra reserves and eventually perform Wood Release. In addition, Hashirama Senju's DNA gives him physical augmentations such as great resistance to attacks, rapid healing, and the ability to survive without food or water.

With Obito’s Sharingan, when he's in eye contact with a target, he is usually able to perform various genjutsu to manipulate their actions, create illusions, or acquire information. Obito possesses several Sharingan, some of which he keeps in storage in case he needs them. As a replacement for Kakashi's Sharingan, he uses one of these Sharingans, but he usually keeps it covered with his mask. Using this spare eye, he performs Izanagi, allowing him to control events around him. With Hashirama's DNA, Izanagi can maintain the illusion for ten minutes using just one eye, which is not possible with ordinary Izanagi. As a result of Obito's Mangekyo Sharingan, he is able to perform Kamui, a space–time ninjutsu that has greater versatility than Minato's and Kamui serves as a portal to another dimension that he can move all or parts of his body between whenever he wishes. As a Rinnegan user, Obito was capable of performing all Six Paths techniques, and we saw Obito’s Susanoo although he only exhibited abilities of the Outer Path: the Demonic Statue of The Outer Path, creating chakra chains to bind targets, and reviving the dead with the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.


With Naruto Uzumaki's support, Obito's heart changed, allowing him to fight until the end, helping Kakashi build a new era after the war. The surprising thing is that he didn't get the chance, as he died at the hands of Kaguya Otsutsuki towards the end of the Ninja War.


When protecting Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha dies by the hands of Kaguya Otsutsuki in episode 471.


STEP – 1 : Drawing baselines

The first step requires you to simply draw a circle.

STEP – 2 : Drawing baselines II

In this step you’re going to have to draw one vertical line and three horizontal lines parallel to each other, on the circle that you have drawn in the previous step, which will help you place the facial features.

STEP – 3 : Drawing the lower part of the face

In this step you are required to draw the lower part of the face of Obito which is basically the jaws and the chin.

STEP – 4 : Drawing Obito’s hair

In this step, you will have to draw Obito’s hair which are short, straight and spikey and frames his forehead. 

STEP – 5 : Drawing Obito’s eyes (facial features)

Let’s get back to the face from this step forward. Draw Obito’s eyes. Also draw the eyebrows and ears. The left eye has to be the Rinnegan with circular stripes.

STEP – 6 : Drawing Obito’s mouth

All you have to do now, is to draw the lips and the nose, placed perfectly at the end of the circle and the last horizontal line you have drawn as the rough baselines.

STEP – 7 : Drawing Obito’s hair II

Draw the back layers of his short hair on his neck in this step.