How to Draw Sasuke Uchiha.

  Sasuke Uchiha is one and only from an uchiha's clan who survives after Itachi Uchiha kills all the members of Uchiha clan. Sasuke is added to team 7 of Kakashi sensei with Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno as the other two team members.

How to draw Sasuke Uchiha step by step tutorial

Step 1:- How to draw Sasuke Uchiha's face?

In this first step, We will start by drawing a big circle. Please don't push on your pencil too much, draw it as lightly as you can.

Step 2:- Draw guidelines.

Now draw one verticle and two horizontal guidelines lightly. It will help you in locating areas of sasuke uchiha's nose and mouth.

Step 3:- Draw Sasuke face.
In this step, You have to continue outlining the face by enclosing a shape using a curved line beneath the circle.

Step 4:- How to draw sasuke uchiha hairs?
Next we're going to draw Sasuke’s hair. His hair hangs down the of his face.
As with most anime characters, Sasuke’s hair is very pointed, and rough looking.

Step 5:- How to draw sasuke uchiha's eyes?

In this stepDraw Sasuke’s large, almond-shaped eyes, which sit a little farther apart than most.  As you know we had drawn two horizontal lines in step 2 to locate sasuke's eyes now draw his eyes between those two lines as you can see in the below picture.

Step 6:- Now draw a thin line for his mouth.

Step 7:- Drawing Sasuke Uchiha Neck and Shoulder.

Now draw sasuke's Neck, and shoulder.
Draw the neck by extending two straight lines downward from the face. Detail the neck using two short, diagonal lines.

Step 8:- Draw Sasuke's hair behind his Neck.

Step 9:- Draw Sasuke's Clothes.

Step 10:- Draw his Chest.